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Stuctured Cabling - Lake Charles Louisiana - Texas

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What Is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is an infrastructure design that helps businesses organize the cabling used to support their voice, data, and IT systems.  Optimized structured cabling allows for better performance, better IT Support, and scalability if your future needs change.

Whether retrofitting an existing space or designing a new location, scalable structured cabling is a must for most businesses and organizations.

Organizations of all sizes rely on their network cabling infrastructure to run systems every day.  From the internet to data security and accessibility to telecommunications – a skillfully designed cable networking system can help improve system efficiency, functionality, and versatility.

Structured Cabling & Design

Structured cabling design starts with a site survey to evaluate your location, needs, and potential issues with installation barriers, such as walls and piping.

Certified voice and data cabling installation - Lake Charles LA - serving SWLA and SETX

  • Category 5e

  • Category 6

  • fiber-optic

  • buried

  • aerial

  • wireless networks

The Importance of Structured Cabling

Today’s fast-paced work environments are placing an increasing number of data applications on their networks. As a result, the infrastructure that supports voice, data, and video systmem needs to be reliable.  A structured cabling system represents a small fraction of network investment, but cabling is responsible for almost 80% of network efficiency.   Network cabling is the foundation on which a growing organization is built.  Ask about our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Once a structured cabling design has been implemented, you’ll enjoy many long-term benefits.  New network systems, system updates, and equipment can be easily and quickly added without significantly affecting functionality.  When you enlist the help of our experienced data cabling professionals, you can make educated decisions on your structured cabling and reap the benefits for years to come.

Want to save your network systems from costly repairs?

Ask about our maintenance program to ensure your network is running smoothly at all times.  We also offer cloud storage solutions, so your data is never lost.  Our computer network maintenance programs are a great way to avoid costly repairs and harmful viruses.  Give us a call to learn more.

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